Paintings, fine Prints and Drawings from various Artists

Following is an extensive collection of paintings, drawings and prints from different artists mostly signed and framed

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GP Heuser 1955 Palacio Gotica Veneciana €60
Martin Aubert (won 1st prize 1993 Singer and Friedlander Sunday Times Watercolour competition) Brighton 44x59cm €150
Felix KRAUSE (1873-1943) signed etching 1924 €85
Nils Burwitz 1940 numbered 19/175 lithograph €90
Felix KRAUSE (1873-1943) signed etching 1924 €70
Julio Viera (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 1934) original portrait J. Sargent €3000
Andreas Heuser 1922 - 1982 'Dinner for Two' oil on canvas €200
Andreas Heuser 1922 - 1982 'Boston' watercolour €250
Val Tormey watercolour Galilea Mallorca 1971 €35
Miniature 9 x 5.5cm Gravesend in the county of Kent 1752 €40
Miniature 9 x 5.5cm River Thames Northfleet 1770 €40
Pollensa local artist watercolour of nude bust €50
Ritch Miller Texas 1935 - Mallorca Sta. Maria del Cami 1991 drawing with written letter and signed €200 SOLD
A. Heuser watercolour 40x33cm 1965 €200
A. Heuser watercolour 31x24cm €175
J. Sargent Nativity drawing EL Shop 47x26cm €150
Oil on canvas 76x54cm without signature €250 SOLD
Signed Joaquim Mir 1873-1940 Oil on wood Mallorca POA SOLD
Oil on canvas signed Copia de Antonio Ribas de Palmerpalma 72x47cm €175
Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria (1847-1915) signed drawing POA
Friedel Heuser daughter of Julius Arthur Thiele oil on canvas 1932 50x40cm POA
Gaspar Riera 1922-1993 ink drawing Mallorca 1964 signed 46x32cm €375
Miquel Brunet 1919 -2007 Mallorca 1977 drawing of woman signed 34x20cm €350
Ben Jakober lithograph 'Palomas' 1984 signed 64/75 - 79x59cm €400
Rainer P. Sagrados drawing of horse 1992 58x42cm €185
G.P. Heuser acrylic on canvas 43x39cm 1971 €250
A. Heuser watercolour 40x30cm 1965 €125
Rolf Ubell 1881-1957 24x19cm drawing Vera L. Dziech Fischer von Erlauf 1945 €275
A. Heuser watercolour 38x29cm Jefferson Memorial 1955 €200
ONOFRE PROHENS PAYERAS 1930-2017signed lithograph Buganvillas and Tinaja 44x56cm €250
A. Heuser watercolour 49x39cm €145
G.P. Heuser Sacre Coeur Paris 56x44cm watercolour 1974 €275
A ceramic bowl by Onofre Prohens €250
A Onofre Prohens signed cermamic

Heinrich Heuser 1887 - 1967

Heinrich Heuser Madona 1938 41x59cm POA
Heinrich Heuser Argentina 98x79cm 1964 POA SOLD
Heinrich Heuser Costa Italiana 68x54cm 1954 POA
Ramón Aulina de Mata y de Pinos Carmen & Antonio Amaya Malagueñas Verdiales 1949 15x18cm €190
Jonatahn Sargent hand embroidery Gentleman 36x25cm €850
Ramon AULINA DE MATA Y DE PINOS (1904-1989/90) Pilar Lopez y Manolo Lopez Bolero 15x18cm €190
Jonatahn Sargent hand embroidery Dame 36x25cm €850

Engravings and Lithographs

Reinhold Bach signed etching Nuremburg 34x49cm €150
Giuseppe Zocchi de Veduta della Chiesa di San Pier Maggiore 50x38cm impreso por Pietro Monacus Sculp XVII de la colección 1744 €1.800
Reinhold Bach signed etching Nuremburg 39x29cm €225
Charles Kiffer 1902-1992 Set of 6 Maurice Chevalier etchings in hardback folder signed by Charles Kiffer €1.500
1909 New Gibson Girls 11 copies Published by P.F.Collier & Son sold separately €25 or lot in original folder €90
Rothenburg Editorial Franz Stöger Nuremberg 1920 with 12 colour prints €45
Giovanni Segantini 21x29cm 39p. with 16 illustrations and 2 plates advertising of original publication leaflet brochure with hardcover by Max Wulff in addition: Giovanni Sgantini 1858-1899 Exhibition catalog St. Gallen 1956 €55
Tableaux du Musee de Vienne 20 large prints from the Vienna Museum Paris 1948 40x30 19+1 plates of bright colour paintings on hardboard & cover with window reveals portrait plus three text folders €50

Hans Meid dated 1910 edition 10 of 25 signed approx. 22x14cm sheet size and with frame 43x53cm €800


Die Träumende 1911 €110
Selbstbildnis 1910 €75
Blondes Mädchen mit grünen Strümpfen 1914 €85
Knabe in gestreiftem Hemd 1910 €75
Die Mutter des Künstlers schlafend 1911 €95

Egon Schiele: limited edition printed in Vienna by the State Print Office of Austria (Staatsdruckerei Österreich) on high quality paper at the end of the 1940s / beginning of the 1950s Signed and dated in the plate with “Egon Schiele 1911”
The prints which demonstrate Schiele’s distinctive style is very well preserved after all these years, n ever framed and been stored throughout the 70 years since printed. These prints are very hard to find as the majority are in institutions or in collections

Signed Etchings

Felix Krause signed 28x22 €75
'La Guerre' etchings (9) 24x21 signed by Kurt Moldovan 1952 €120
Wolfgang Hutter 1928 - 2014 Vienna Austria 20x28 signed 1952 €175
Wolfgang Hutter 15x16 signed 1952 €140
Etching unknown 34x29 €45
Anne MarieTtrechsli signed print 35x25cm €20
Reinhart Wagner 44x31 Landschaft €75

Hans Frank

HANS Frank D.J. (Austria 1925-2018) 48x36 Innviertel I €75 SOLD
HANS Frank D.J. 48x36 Donauauen 33/200/1977 €120 SOLD
HANS Frank D.J. Baumgruppe + Spätsommer 33/200/1979 €75 + €95
Hans Frank D.J. Perchtoldsdorf 48x36 €90 SOLD
Los caprichos Goya x 80 engravings 24x17cm €65 SOLD
James Lambourne 1990 Mallorca engraving 10/30 Pomegranates signed in pencil €50
GOYA LA TAUROMAQUIA 33 engravings (reproduction of first edition 1816) J. Pérez del Hoyo €120

Drawings by Johnatan Sargent

Jonathan Sargent London 1936 Mallorca 1991 was a fashion designer as well confection of garments in England and Palma de Mallorca during the 60s and 70s offering a collection of over two hundred original signed drawings of his designs

Milady 34x25cm €45 SOLD
Cover Girl 34x25cm €45
Aperitivo 34x25cm €45
Ladies First 34x25cm €45

Karl Martinus Schöltz

Port Shetstone (South Africa) 1935-1995 South African painter lived many years on Mallorca. The work of Schöltz is of great interest and importance to hyperrealism that he cultivated made with a technique and a master with his famous facades of old houses and artistic monuments with which the artist felt fully identified

Print 60x38cm limited edition 500 signed 1988 and numbered (19) Main entrance of la Seu €45
Original drawing Madonna with Child 1977 signed 30x20cm €175
Print 42x34cm limited edition 1000 signed 1980 and numbered (8) El Arriero €45 SOLD
Pedro Oliver Palma de Mallorca 2x2m €5.800