Antique Crystal Glasses and Objects

Antique and vintage crystal glasses & diverse decorative objects from different European periods

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Lovely green tinted glass vase 32cm on black glass base €35
Vintage cut glass wine or sherry glasses (15) €70
20th century Champagne cut crystal coupe with hollow stem (2) €20
Set of fine cut crystal wine, champagne & water glasses (29) €120
Champagne coupe glasses with fine engravings 20th century (6) €50
Green siphon bottle Vicens Salinas & Camilo Mascarell €50/€45
Cocktail glass with hand-blown stirring sticks (2 sets) €30 SOLD
Goblets with fine engravings 20th century (12) €70
Vintage champagne coupe glasses with hollow stem (2) €24
Vintage italian cut glass set for 24 persons €384 SOLD
Vintage bleech bottle by Femenias €20
Swarovski crystal Marguerite Yellow Daisy in original box €35
SWAROVSKI ANNUAL EDITION 2000 COLUMBINE with stand, crystal plaque in original box €180 SOLD
Antique ca 1880 maroon Bohemia cut to clear crystal jar with flower flog pattern with original brass repousse €45
Pair of vintage blown glass decanters €80 SOLD
Modern purple tinted glass design vase €25 SOLD

Crystal Hock Wine Glasses

Hock is an old English term for German white wine of Riesling grapes. “Hock” is the abbreviation of the obsolete word “hockamore” English shortened Hockamore from the name of the German city Hochheim which is located on the Main River. It seems to have been used in the 17th century initially for Middle Rhine wines but in the 18th century it was used as a term for any German wine sold in Great Britain. A visit in 1850 by Queen Victoria to Hochheim during harvest time is a likely reason for the term

A set of crystal wine glasses that are sometimes produced with a bowl of different colours within a set were wedding gifts in the mid-twentieth century. Whilst many come from Bohemia, England also produced them

For more than a century the form has included a tall stalk with a reasonably small bowl. The wine bowl is often coloured and richly cut and engraved

Hock Green €127
Hock Lilac €127
Hock Garnet €130
Hock Purple €130
Hock Plum €130
Hock Crimson €130
Hock Ocre €130
Hock Lavender €130
Hock Ruby €130
Hock Moss €130
Hock Azura €130
Hock Indigo €115
Hock Cobalt €115
Hock Lime €130
Hock Mulberry €130
Hock Emerald €130
Hock Olive €130
Hock Amethyst €130

Cut Lead Crystal Decanters

Heavy lead carved crystal decanters with silver band and labels

Georgian cut silver banded square decanter Vodka silver label €180
Georgian cut silver banded square decanter Whisky silver label €180
Art Deco cut square decanter Brandy silver label €150
Edwardian cut square decanter COINTREAU silver label €175
Cut square decanter GIN silver label €50 SOLD
Cut square decanter GIN silver label €165
Cut crystal bulb shaped decanter PERNOD silver label €120
Cut crystal club shaped decanter SHERRY silver label €75
Pair of cutcrystal club shaped decanter €35 each
Cut crystal bulb shaped decanter CAMPARI silver label €120
Cut crystal bulb shaped decanter PORT silver label €50 SOLD
Tall cut crystal cone decanter PARFAIT AMOUR silver label €190
Cut crystal Victorian decanter BRANDY silver label €35
Cut crystal silver banded decanter RUM silver ivy label €120
Captians WINE DECANTER €30
Cut crystal club shaped three ring decanter €120
Crystal complete cut ICE BUCKET with silver handles €45

Various Vintage Crystal Glass Items

Purple lead crystal oval lilac trinket bowl €15 SOLD
Ornate carved crystal trinket pot €25
Lead crystal lilac mini ashtray €20
Emerald lead crystal ashtray €20
Cobalt cut lead crystal ashtray €25
Beautiful very intricately detailed scalloped cut crystal bowl €65
Elongated centrally cut lead crystal dish €40
Impressive large heavy carved crystal bowl €60 SOLD
Octagon beveled and cut lead crystal ashtray €35
Gold painted glass bottle with stopper €35 SOLD
Tiffany & Co. crystal vase signed €45
Antique blown glass wine decanter with ice cube well €45
Glass beveled perfume bottles with silver tops €60 SOLD
Vintage hand made window Suncatcher Stained Glass Leaded Fruits & Flowers €25